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Floating Island

Floating Island is an imagined landscape, both reflected and illusionary. The fragility of our world invites a new vision of land, sky, and water in which impermanence reveals the beauty. While the image here is squared, the painting is done on a natural shaped pine board  and the top angles gently downward toward the right.… read more

Night and Day

  Aren’t these little hibiscus fun? I find the ruffled tropical blossoms intriguing. Painted on 5 x 5″ pine tiles, one is on a black ground and one on a transparent ground. I am traveling to the Hawaiian islands on Monday where I hope to find more lovelies.

Unexpectedly Abandoned Art

It appears I took an unexpectedly large step into the abandoned art movement. (HuffPost July 2017 www.huffpost.com/entry/why-are-these-people-aban_b_10952874)¬†At the end of January 2020, I retrieved my paintings from the Art in Public Places exhibition at Bittersweet Cafe in Louisville, Colorado. Accidentily, I left one on the street where my car was parked. That day I was… read more

Feeling the Bones

What I am looking for in my art making is elusive as fog on a breeze, the wisp of smoke after a candle flame extinguishes. And I do not know where the path lies yet. Here it is in Marvin Oliver’s embossed print. In his “raven gazing at its moonlight reflection”, I see bones. Stronger… read more