Unexpectedly Abandoned Art

by Wyncia Clute in Messages, Miscellaneous
It appears I took an unexpectedly large step into the abandoned art movement. (HuffPost July 2017 www.huffpost.com/entry/why-are-these-people-aban_b_10952874) At the end of January 2020, I retrieved my paintings from the Art in Public Places exhibition at Bittersweet Cafe in Louisville, Colorado. Accidentily, I left one on the street where my car was parked.
That day I was in a rush to leave for Kansas City to visit my granddaughter and watch the SuperBowl. I think I rested the largest canvas on a bench outside a restaurant where the car was parked. I did not look back until this Sunday, March 1. I was checking labels and preparing paintings to hang at the North Boulder Recreation Center. The sunflower was not in storage!
I hope it was rescued, and not simply trashed; literally, not litter-ally, abandoned, I do not know what may have become of it! The thrill of abandoning the art escaped me this time. But maybe, with a little detective work, I may have the delight of finding it happily hung in the Louisville community!
Missing Sunflower


March 3, 2020:

A small bit of detective work and I found the lost sunflower painting.

It is at Little Horse Vintage book shop in Louisville, Colorado (www.littlehorsevintage.com). Honoring my abandoned art approach, shop owner Mike will keep the painting, return it if does not want it, or sell it at his shop and share the profit. All is good!

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