Feeling the Bones

by Wyncia Clute in Messages, Miscellaneous
Moonlight Dancing by Marvin Oliver

What I am looking for in my art making is elusive as fog on a breeze, the wisp of smoke after a candle flame extinguishes. And I do not know where the path lies yet.

Here it is in Marvin Oliver’s embossed print. In his “raven gazing at its moonlight reflection”, I see bones. Stronger than flesh, more enduring than muscle, skeletons tell a story. I am looking for that aspect of image which reminds me of truth. The story beyond all stories, the feelings that own our beings.

When all beings walk the planet with their bones reflected at their feet, then we are truly home, where we belong.

Thank you, Marvin Oliver. When I can show a hint of that feeling in my art, I will have done well.

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