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Night and Day

  Aren’t these little hibiscus fun? I find the ruffled tropical blossoms intriguing. Painted on 5 x 5″ pine tiles, one is on a black ground and one on a transparent ground. I am traveling to the Hawaiian islands on Monday where I hope to find more lovelies.

Unexpectedly Abandoned Art

It appears I took an unexpectedly large step into the abandoned art movement. (HuffPost July 2017¬†At the end of January 2020, I retrieved my paintings from the Art in Public Places exhibition at Bittersweet Cafe in Louisville, Colorado. Accidentily, I left one on the street where my car was parked. That day I was… read more

Feeling the Bones

What I am looking for in my art making is elusive as fog on a breeze, the wisp of smoke after a candle flame extinguishes. And I do not know where the path lies yet. Here it is in Marvin Oliver’s embossed print. In his “raven gazing at its moonlight reflection”, I see bones. Stronger… read more

I need a lake

On the night before Christmas eve, I feel sad. Too many social events, too little routine. So many beloved are far away; too many items are on the checklist of joy. What I need this  morning is a lake. A boat on a lake in the north county has been such a great place of… read more

It is all Light

  Bruno has shared the revelation, “It is all light!” with enthusiasm. What an absolute joy to realize, over and over that we are painting the light. Stroke by stroke, color by color, we can transcribe the light of the world to light on our canvas. This is the season, here in the northern hemisphere,… read more